Filter Features

Filter Features
ameuus o2

The ameuus o2 provides the optimal filtration using a patent pending dual filtration design. Each of the a&b filter is jam-packed with ~50K holes!

a&b ameuus o2 filters

With combined average hole size of 30 microns, you have the flexibility of using finer size coffee grounds for your favorite AeroPress recipe. 
ameuus o2 case

It's the small things that count.

The packaging of the o2 doubles as a carrying case. This increases shipping cost, but we thought it's important for you to be able to enjoy your o2 anywhere you go. 

The case has enough room to fit many filters, so you can use it to store all your metal AeroPress filters!

Filter Drying Disc

Ever had trouble finding a place to dry your filters? The ameuus Drying Disc is a compact and portable drying stand that you can use to dry any AeroPress metal filters.

Filter Drying Disc


It's designed with 3 slots, so it can hold the o1, and the o2 at the same time! 

The Filter Drying Disc will be included with every o2 Micro Filters.

using the o2

using the o2


To use the o2, simply match the "a" and "b" alignment guides found on the edge of the filters. Don't worry if you can't get a perfect match, a roughly aligned match will still brew a clean cup! 


Clean's o so easy

Cleaning's so easy

  • Push AeroPress all the way down after brew
  • Rinse cap with cold water
  • Unscrew cap
  • Slide the o2 filters out
  • Rub the o2 against each other under running water
o1 10K


Don't let the simplicity fool you, the ameuus o1 10K is perfect for those looking for a more traditional single filter design. Like the name suggests, it has 10K tiny 100 micron holes. It works great for medium coffee grind size!